Lake Placid Baptist Church

Sharing Christ With The World!


Jesus calls us to reach out to people with His love. We are to “take up our cross daily and follow him” (Luke 9:23) by relinquishing our desires so that we can serve Him and serve others; and we are to “be fishers of men” (Luke 5:10) — leading people to a personal relationship with Christ. He tells us in the Bible that we are to go to the people all around us, as well as people around the world, sharing the good news of His salvation, demonstrating His love in word and in deed. We believe that He calls all believers to use their natural talents and spiritual gifts to serve others through outreach ministries. (Acts 1:8, 2:44-45; Matthew 22:39, 28:19)

Where has God called you to serve? Maybe He is calling you to serve in one of these ministries of our church:

  • Preschool or children’s ministry
  • Youth ministry
  • Ministry to college students
  • Ministry to families in crisis
  • Recreation ministries
  • Construction team
  • Praise team (musicians)
  • Landscaping maintenance team
  • Evangelism team
  • Fellowship meals team

Many people serve Christ through ministries that reach out to others. They have recognized the need to reach out to these groups of people:

  • Ministry to senior adults
  • Ministry to single mothers
  • Ministry to athletes
  • Ministry to the hungry (Extra Helpings food ministry distributes from LPBC each month)
  • Ministry to those who need clothing
  • Ministry to those who are handicapped
  • Ministry to those in prison (and their families)

As we see the needs of our community, we are praying that God will show each one of us how we can serve Him and impact the lives of other people. We believe that all of our ministries should meet not only physical, emotional, mental or social needs of people, but they must (most importantly) point people to Jesus. Our outreach ministries all seek to fulfill our mission: to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

If you do not yet have a place of ministry, please let our pastor and church leaders help you to discover how God has uniquely shaped you for ministry. When you begin to serve others in Jesus’ name, your life will never be the same. You will realize that one of the reasons that God put you on earth was to live out his purpose through your life!

Please contact our Ministry Coach Greg Wittmer or the LPBC Office to learn more about how you can go in Jesus’ name.

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