Small Groups

God wants us to be connected with Him and with others. Each week at LPBC, people meet together on Sunday morning for worship services, and praise God for how He is working in people’s lives. But we believe that the Bible teaches we are strongest spiritually when we connect more often than that. And, we believe when we get together the way God intends, lives and communities are transformed! (Acts 2:42-47). Small Groups are forming now. We invite you to consider becoming part of one.



  • College/Career  – meets weekly in Saranac Lake on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. This group is for college and career individuals ages 19-39, single or married without children.
  • Tweens & Teens Parents – meets weekly in Lake Placid on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30pm. This group is geared toward families with middle and high school aged children.
  • Older But Wiser – meets weekly in Lake Placid on Wednesday afternoons at 6:30pm. This group is for adults (single or married) whose children are in college or out of the house.
  • Youth Group Bible Study – meets on Tuesday afternoons at 3:30pm at LPBC.

Commonly asked questions about Small Groups:

  • Will every group be a Bible study group? All of our Small Groups will include a Bible study and/or topical study as part of their time together.
  • Who decides which group I attend? You. Simply contact the Small Group leader, one of the LPBC pastors, or the church office to sign up.
  • What about childcare for small children? Each group will decide how to take care of its childcare needs, where applicable.
  • Are all of the Small Groups open to join? Yes, and no. All of the Small Groups are open to new folks joining the group, but the best time to join some of them will be after a particular Bible study or book series is completed. Other groups are open to join anytime.
  • What if I want to start a Small Group? Contact one of the LPBC pastors and let’s talk about it. We get excited when we hear that God is leading people to begin new Small Groups.

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