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Missionary Support

CP Missions — Through our church budget, we designate 10% of our regular tithes & offering to support missionaries through CP Missions. We help to support 10,000 missionaries in this way. Additionally, we collect a special offering at Christmas for International Missions and a special offering at Easter for North American Missions.






Short-term missionaries — When the Lord calls someone from the LPBC family to serve as a short-term missionary, we send them to the mission field by laying on of hands and praying for them during a worship service before they leave; we support them while they are on the field through prayer, regular communication, and financially as we are able; and we celebrate how God is using them around the world.

One response to “Missionary Support

  1. Juliana July 9, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Hello I just found you online and was wondering more about you guys like where your church is located because I want to be around people or encouraged to reach for the Heavens In the nations I have a calling to be a missionary and I love love love Jesus im a graduate from Minnesota teen challenge and I just got back from my first mission trip from Mozambique and I’m planning on going back in a couple months to be at an orphanage and reach out to the street kids and love on the people who dont understand. So let me know what you guys are about. Thank you bless you

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